How to deal with mummy guilt

Mummy guilt.  Mother’s guilt.  At some point we all suffer with it.  The overwhelming feeling of guilt.  We make a choice that makes us feel we are being selfish.  It feels like it’s the best decision, but instantly think of the impact it will have on our children.  Is it something that we will ever overcome?  I’ve only been a mother for two years but I guarantee it won’t be something that ever goes away.

woman-1006100_1920-1-300x169 How to deal with mummy guilt

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Mum on a Mission

I’m fast approaching nearly 18 months in business and have been reflecting on my journey so far.  So much has changed in such a short space of time.  In my blog on my journey to becoming a VA I talk about my motivator for starting my business following the birth of my beautiful daughter.  My daughter is the one who inspired me and gave me strength, but there was more going on behind the scenes that I don’t often talk about. Continue reading “Mum on a Mission”