New Year Business Planning

Business-Planning-1-300x200 New Year Business PlanningNow that we are in the last quarter of the calendar year, it is a good time to start your business planning and thinking about the forthcoming new year.  Periodically reviewing your goals and objectives helps to keep your business ticking over, and a chance to take stock to ensure you’re on the right track.  It’s also a great opportunity to make sure you have the necessary tools in place to meet your financial and operational goals. (more…)

Something’s gotta give

Virtual-Assistant-in-the-making-225x300 Something’s gotta giveSomething’s gotta give.  For mums in business, it is very easy to keep going and pushing, taking more and more on.  But the time will come when something’s gotta give.  There is only so much we can take on board before something’s gotta give.  This happened to me very recently.  (more…)

Why are UK virtual assistants so expensive?

achievement-18134_1920-300x223 Why are UK virtual assistants so expensive?Why are UK virtual assistants so expensive?  This is a hot topic within the VA community.  Even in the UK there is a big difference in what a VA will charge per hour.  I’ve lost out of a few clients purely down to costs.  They have seen they can get the work done cheaper by using someone overseas.  Here is why I believe it is more cost effective using a UK virtual assistant who is charging more per hour. (more…)

How long will it take? 30 Tasks a VA can complete in an hour

stop-watch-396862_1920-300x225 How long will it take? 30 Tasks a VA can complete in an hourHow long will it take?  This is probably the most frequently asked question when speaking to potential clients.  It’s not always easy to determine and there are a lot of factors to consider such as the quality of the brief given, accessibility to resources and information, the subject etc.  Some tasks are impossible to judge.  But there are also a lot of straight forward tasks that I can give a good indicator of how long they will take. (more…)