Build an online course

The Client

I’ve been working with this client for 18 months.  She had been running a series of live webinars and wanted to start selling the recordings for these to generate a passive income. 


From the success of these, she started developing an online course.

The client has been using Kajabi for her webinar recordings so naturally we used this platform to create her online course.

The Course

The client had created a 10 week course that she was planning to sell as a pay in full option, as well as instalments, which was made up of a combination of videos, workbooks, ebooks, checklists and trackers.  She also wanted to limit access to 6 months and only allow 150 spaces for the first intake.  She is then planning to reopen the doors once the 10 weeks has passed.
Where we already had the setup for the webinar recordings, we already had everything connected in terms of integrations so it was a pretty straightforward setup.  We did have a few issues with video quality which we overcame.

The Launch

She had already been building a waitlist for the course, who received a small discount to use once doors opened.  The waitlist were emailed at 10am with the purchase link and discount code.  The main cart open started at 5pm.  Within less than 24 hours, 134 spaces had been sold!!  There were more people signing up for the pay in full option but combined with instalments and their first payment, she made over £35k in 24 hours!

The Reality

Obviously, with any marketing, she had to build up to this with her marketing strategy before launching the course.  She had been promoting on her social media that it was coming, working on building up her list, selling her webinars and membership before this too to increase her overall following.  She also gave away some free spaces to journalists in return for a review and PR exposure of her course, although they didn’t receive early access so the sales she made were purely from her exisiting following.

Are you ready to launch your own online course?

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