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The Client

This client has been around for a very long time, both in running their own retreat experiences, but also teaching others who to run their own retreats.  

They came to me because they were stuck after launching an online course.  They’d had a couple of sales but wanted some suggestions on how to generate more business with their online side of the business.

The Issue

During our initial consultation, the client walked me through their business model and where they were at.  Very quickly I could see their problem.  The client was too ‘in’ the business to see what the issue was.

With their online business, they were selling the mini courses at £27 each.  This was their entry level.  Their next option up from this was an 8 week programme costing over £6k.  They had absolutely nothing between these to encourage their customers along the funnel.

The Solution

I made several suggestions to the client on ways to fill the gap in their sales funnel with additional products and services that would take them from the £27 mini course, to lead their customers up to their premium programme of £6k.  They already had the content so were very quickly able to put together some smaller courses in between, as well as adding in effectively a power hour type option, and a mini programme.  Within days of setting these up, they were getting sales!

Enhancing Their Signup Process

Whilst we were also reviewing this, I also helped them in getting their systems talking to one another so they could have some automated emails going out after customers had signed up, getting them added onto their list, and within these sequences, we started building and offering them options from the rest of the sales funnel.  But it wasn’t purely all sales.  We were also pushing their free Facebook group and giving the customers some additional resources and videos to give them that little bit extra.

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