virtual assistant ukYou’ve made the decision you want to outsource but you’re now going through the minefield of “ok what can I actually outsource to a virtual assistant?!”

It really does depend on what you are planning to outsource as to finding the right virtual assistant for you.  There are different types of virtual assistants, with very different skill sets.  There are some who specialise in design areas, others in website support, some marketing, some with SEO, or those, like myself, who offer PA and general admin support.

VAs tend to have quite a wide set of skills that compiling a full list of what they can do is difficult! But to give you an idea of some of the tasks you could ask for, I’ve created a list below of 30 items you could outsource to a VA and save you time!

What you could outsource

  1. Email management
  2. Importing and managing databases
  3. Creating reports
  4. Transcribing audio dictations
  5. Creating forms
  6. Preparing meeting minutes
  7. Preparing presentations
  8. Travel planning
  9. Creating and formatting blogs
  10. Competitions
  11. Diary management
  12. Research
  13. Data entry
  14. Creating spreadsheets
  15. Project management
  16. Sending client invoices
  17. Chasing invoice payments
  18. Uploading to YouTube
  19. Uploading and updating Pinterest
  20. Scheduling Tweets
  21. Scheduling Facebook posts
  22. Newsletter creation
  23. Record expenses
  24. Proofreading
  25. Setting up and monitoring FB ads
  26. Appointment making
  27. Reminder services
  28. Customer service emails
  29. Managing events
  30. And much much more! Why not ask me for more ideas.

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Want some more ideas on what you could outsource or what other services I offer?  Drop me a message at or call me on 07538 715537.