virtual assistant executive assistant helpIf you have ever considered using a Virtual Assistant, you have likely come across the claim that using their services will save time and save money.  But is it actually true?

It’s a big statement to be making when one hand is saying use my services to save money, but the other hand is then asking for money.  For this blog I wanted to address these claims and the logic behind my own thoughts on how I save my clients time and money.


This one is pretty straightforward; if you outsource work to a Virtual Assistant, they will be completing the work instead of you, so ultimately saving you time.

Initially you are going to spend time researching and finding the right VA, as well as preparing a brief, speaking with them and handing the work over.  However, once they are up to speed on what it is you need support with, you are then free to concentrate your efforts elsewhere.  So yes, overall it will save you time by outsourcing.

virtual assistant executive assistant help


For this you need to work out what your time is actually worth.

How much money does your business turnover?  Before you calculate against the number of hours you are actually working, think about how many hours you are working ON your business rather than IN your business.

What do I mean?

Think about how much time you spend working with clients, providing services or creating products, don’t think about the time you are spending on marketing, your general admin tasks or anything else involved in running your business.  This is how much your time is really worth.

If you then started to outsource some of the tasks associated with running your business and used that free time to grow your business, offer more services or take on more clients, how much more money would you be making?

To put it into figurative terms:

  • If you spend 20 hours a week working with clients and charge say £60 an hour and you then spend 20 hours a week running your business and marketing, you would be earning £1,200 a week.
  • If you outsourced 10 hours a week to a Virtual Assistant charging say £30 an hour, you then spend 30 hours working with clients and 10 hours on admin, you would be earning £1,800 a week and spending £300 on a VA, making an additional £300 a week.

Doesn’t sound a lot?

But that is only one week.  Across the rest of the year that’s potentially another £15,600!

Don’t forget a lot of VAs will encourage anyone looking for regular support to sign up to a retainer package and potentially offer a discount on their hourly rate.

If you are looking to grow your business it makes sense to outsource the tasks that are taking up your time to focus your efforts working on developing and growing your business.

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