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The Client

Michelle Lucherini is a plug-in Operations Manager who has extensive experience managing large-scale projects and teams. Her aim is all about making sure the right things get done, in the right way and at the right time.  I asked Michelle about what life was like and what problems she was encountering before starting to work with a Virtual Assistant, and then I asked her what life has been like since working with me.

What was life like before you started working with me? 

I was trying to be all things to all people and delivering all of the client work myself, even those things that I didn’t enjoy doing or weren’t my specific skill set. I didn’t have the capacity to take on new clients so my growth was stagnating.

What is life like now that you’ve experienced my services? 

Natalie has taken a burden off my shoulders and has picked up the tasks that I’ve outsourced to her with ease. She now posts and optimises blogs, creates social media posts to promote those blogs and gathers marketing analytics figures. All of this has saved me several hours each month and has allowed me to take on an additional client!!

What results have you seen from my services? 

Increased time and capacity. Plus she is detail oriented and I can 100% trust that the tasks outsourced to her are done in a timely and accurate manner with little direction or hand-holding required.

What kept you from working with a VA sooner? 

The fear that I couldn’t “afford” it. But now that I have taken on a new client, Natalie’s costs have far outweighed the additional revenue coming into my business.

What made my services stand out from other options? 

Natalie is a tech / marketing VA so I knew that I wouldn’t have to explain in great depth what makes a good social media post, what was required to optimise a blog, etc. She had the skillset that I had found lacking in other VAs.

Why would you recommend working with me to someone who might be on the fence? 

She just gets on and gets the job done every time. No stress or worry.

If you were to recommend my services to your best friend, what would you say? 

Natalie always delivers on time and with 100% accuracy the work I give her. She doesn’t need lots of direction or hand holding. Plus with her marketing specific skillset, she can take some of those tasks that I, wrongly, believed only I could do off of my plate.

What surprised you the most or made you the happiest about working with me? 

100% trust in your reliability and attention to detail.

What three words would you use to describe me? 

Reliable, knowledgeable and hassle-free

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