virtual assistant ukRunning a business results in juggling multiple things at a time and needs for us to be organised.  But we don’t all know the best way to manage our time effectively to ensure we stay on top of everything that needs doing.  If you are looking for some tips and tools to help organise yourself and work more efficiently, check out my top tips below.

Use a notepad!  

Simple yet effective.  I have always got either a paper notepad and pen or even use the electronic version on my phone to make a note of something when I think of it.  But the biggest thing people will miss with this is actually allowing time to review your notes!

Use a diary

Whether is a paper diary or an electronic calendar, utilise the tools you have available in managing where you need to be.  Don’t skimp on the detail – if you are meeting with a new client, for an example, make sure you have their name, their title, address, contact number (obviously include the date and time!) so if for any reason you need the information readily to hand, you have it available.

Set reminders

I love reminders!  Again it’s something so simple and is using a resource the majority of us have available on our mobile devices or laptops so make use of it and keep on top of your tasks.  I typically include the date I am setting the reminder and the deadline for when I need to complete the task by (I will be covering more of this in my Time Management Tips and Tricks).

Write a to do list

It is seen as quite an old school task, but I will still make a to do list either utilising an app on my phone (Trello or Asana are good ones) or physically sitting there and writing a list of everything I need to get done.  Again with the reminders I will put a deadline on when each task needs to be completed by.


Whether it be literally working out how long it will take for you to travel to that business meeting, or how long it will take you to write that presentation you need.  Don’t just think “OK I will do that on Friday” – that’s fine but when on Friday and for how long?

Keep your working area tidy

Whether you have a desk, work out a briefcase, or spend the majority of time in your car, keep it tidy – tidy desk, tidy mind.

If you’re absolutely hopeless at organising your time and making sure you are where you need to be then hire a VA/PA/Secretary to organise you!

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