Virtual assistant businessI’ve had mixed views on writing this blog down to the opinion of one; one person who told me I shouldn’t emphasise or mention the fact that I’m working around my 16 month old daughter because it will “put clients off of working with me”.

It finally dawned on me a few months ago that actually my ideal clients, the clients who appreciates what I do, understand what I can bring to their businesses and the passion I have to supporting them in the journey to take their businesses to the next level are just like me; they are mums who have stepped away from the corporate world, mums looking for a better work/life balance, mums wanting to be there for their kids, mums not wanting to miss out on the little things, still wanting a career and have the passion to make a difference both to their family and their customers.

And the reason why it dawned on me – because all of my clients are mums, managing their business around their families!  Today really hit home when I was talking to an inspirational business women who reminded me to always be myself.  I started my business because of my daughter so seems quite apt that at 9 months in I am writing this blog.

So this is me…

Using my skills to support other mums in business to fulfil their dreams and passion, developing myself and my business, whilst spending time with my daughter, watching her grow, enjoying time in the garden, attending toddler groups, spending time with friends, working around my husband’s shifts.  Yes it is hard work and some days don’t go to plan, but when does life ever stick to the plan?

I am extremely lucky that I have a very happy little girl who at 16 months is very independent and will happily go off and play, but also still has 5 hours worth of naps during the day [touching wood in the hope to not jinx it!] and still manages to sleep through the night.

Sometimes people don’t quite understand the concept of running a business from home with a young child around.  Some seem to think that I just sit around and play with her all day, and magically get the work done.  But my days involve a lot of juggling; fitting client work around her routine, making sure I fulfil my client’s needs and meet their deadlines, as well as working on my own marketing and trying to keep my house tidy, my washing done and my cupboards full!

But there are bad days…

Some days I do just want to rip my hair out when everything feels like it’s going wrong, when my little girl is teething or going through a development leap and doesn’t want to eat/drink/sleep or do anything that doesn’t involve mummy being at her side 24/7.  Times like this are hard and I can even remember a few months ago when she went through a bad stage of sleep regression that she wouldn’t sleep unless she was cuddled up to me.  That week was tough.  How am I supposed to do any work when I had her stuck to me constantly!?

Having a background of working as a PA and used to managing multiple projects at once, added to the fact of being a mum – we are amazing creatures in how we naturally know what to say and do and will power through even when we are drained and tired and just want to lay there cuddled up to our little ones and watch Lion King for the 5th time that day.  We somehow manage to pick ourselves up, get it together and keep going.Virtual Assistant businessBut it isn’t all doom and gloom.  I truly am living the dream and even when the bad days happen, I wouldn’t change the long days and the constant juggling for anything.

If you are a passionate business women who is juggling her business around her family life, that doesn’t have time to faff, who is driven, passionate, creative and looking to give autonomy to a VA to go away and make things happen then why not get in touch and see how I could help to support you and your business and help your dreams become a reality.  Call now on 07538 715537 or email