virtual pa entrepreneurHow to work with a virtual assistant.  When speaking with potential clients, one of the first things they ask is how I operate.  How does it work when I’m not based in their office, or even locally to them?  Exactly how will they give the work to me?  How will I update them on how long a task is taking?  How will they know once it has been completed?

For me it’s no different to any of my employed roles.  My entire career has been spent working remotely to the teams and managers I was supporting.  In my last role, I supported a Sales & Marketing Executive Director who spent much of his time meeting with customers, or travelling overseas on business.  For me, communication is the key, and is something to agree upfront when you start to use a virtual assistant.

How I operate


Communication is so important to ensure that both parties fully understand how each other operates.  From my perspective, it allows me the chance to appreciate how my client’s businesses operate, what they offer, the benefit of what they offer to their own clients, and understanding where I fit in.  For the client, they need to understand what I can do for them, where I fit in, what value I can bring, how I operate.  Making time to communicate is very important.

When I start speaking to a potential client, I like to find out how they like to communicate.  I have a wide mix with my existing clients.  The majority tend to email me but I also Skype, speak on the phone, meet local clients face to face, and even communicate with one over Facebook Messenger.


As a virtual assistant, I provide support to multiple clients.  So how do I manage and prioritise my workload?

I have regular work from clients that is planned into my working week based on when things need to be completed by.  Anything ad hoc is fitted in around this, based on the client’s deadlines.

I always try to accommodate any urgent or last-minute requests where I can.  However, I also have steps I can take to still support clients if I don’t have the capacity to complete by the required deadline.  This would be discussed with a client if the need arises.

Assigning work

This is another aspect very much dependent on how my clients like to operate.

I’ve found most people like to email over a brief, but I also have a couple of clients who like to use Asana.  These clients have me set up as a team member on their Asana profile and will allocate me tasks.  One of my local clients prefers face to face meeting, and allocates me tasks as she runs through her to do list.


As you will appreciate, each industry has its own terminology and processes.  I always try to familiarise myself with these as quickly as possible.  But it is important, particularly at the start of a relationship, to give as much information as you can to ensure what you need is clear.  Once I get to know more about you, how you operate and your business, you will soon find that I write things or design things in a style similar to your own.


Every task or project I am given is timed.  Clients only pay for the time I am physically sat working on their tasks.  If I need a break or a drink, the timer is stopped until I return to my desk again.  A log of these are retained and available to clients with details of work completed, if requested in advance.

Updates and Deadlines

This is something else I like to agree in advance.  For ongoing work I agree with clients on the frequency of when they would like to receive updates on projects.  For ad hoc or project work, I ask for deadlines to be set (even if it’s not something urgent) as this helps me to prioritise and ensure I meet the needs of my clients.

Building a Relationship

To me, using a virtual assistant is like forming a partnership.  I’m here to work with you.  To support you on your journey to success.  I’m here to take away some of the many hats you have to wear as a small business owner.  I can be the logical side to your creativity.  I can free up your time so you can take some much-needed time out, or focus on growing your business.  It’s important to me to build relationships with clients so I can understand them and their business better, to provide the best service I can.

virtual pa entrepreneur

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