virtual assistant websiteWith technology being a big part of our everyday lives and having the internet at our finger tips, it’s important not only to have a business website, but to also ensure that it is doing exactly what you need it to.  It’s your opportunity to show off your products and services, reach out to a wider audience and have your business online 24/7 when you can’t be.  So what is important to make your website awesome and appeal to your customers and clients?

About you

People buy from people.  If you are a small business, building relationships with potential customers and clients is important.  The big brands have reputations that get them by, but a small business owner doesn’t always have that so it is important to tell your visitors about you, what you do, what you stand for and give them a reason to buy from you.

Use a mail sign up

Even if you aren’t interested in blogging or creating a regular newsletter, it gives you the opportunity to branch into emarketing at a later date.  Planning a big sale?  You then have an audience ready to advertise to.  But make sure you give them a reason why it’s worth them signing up.  Offer them something in exchange for their contact details.


Make sure your navigation is easy to use. Creating too many sub pages or not having a logical approach to your menu can make it hard for visitors to find things and is more likely to send them away.  Create a simple but easy way to get around your website.

Quality Content

Create quality content that is updated regularly. I’ve seen so many websites where they still have a Happy Christmas message or offer still running months later!  To me it says they are not either active or they aren’t organised.  But aside from offers, if you’re business has new products or services coming in, create new content.  If your website is changing then visitors will come back to check it out again and see what new products and services you have for them.


Use testimonials or reviews. If you don’t already have a relationship with the visitor to your site, it is a good way for them to see what your products and services are like from a third party point of you.  If you purchase something for your home, or book a holiday, we tend to check out the reviews first to make sure it fits what we are looking for.  You don’t need to have many but show your visitors that you provide good quality products and services.


Ensure the style, font and colours are inviting. If they can’t read the content they are likely to move on to another site.  Having a text that you have written in a script font may be fine for you to read back because you know what you wrote, but can your visitors read it too?  Think about the colour too.  Seeing colours that clash or are on a background that makes them hard to see will again send them on their way.

Social Media

Links to social media. If you are using social media then link them to your website and vice versa.  You can then drive traffic back and forth between the two but it also allows your visitors to see everything that you offer on your website, but stay up to date with the regularly interaction you have on social media.

Contact Details!!!

I emphasise this one because I was working on a project for a client earlier this year where I was contacting a large amount of companies and I couldn’t believe how many times I tried to find contact details and either couldn’t find them or they were incorrect!  Make it easy for your customers to find and contact you.  I very quickly moved on and so will your customers if they can’t reach you.

Call to action

Remember to include a call to action – call now, buy now. Encourage them to take action.

virtual assistant website

A website is your opportunity to tell the world about you, what you do and what you offer so make sure it gives your visitors the information they need and value the efforts you have made.

If you need help creating content, proofreading, or updating your website then why not contact me now to see how I could help support you and your website.  Don’t forget I offer a FREE no obligation consultation that you can book directly here, or contact me via email at or call 07538 715537.