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I’ve been using Mailchimp now for the last 4 years and have loved learning more and more about the features and things that I can do in Mailchimp.  I also starting offering training sessions and troubleshooting sessions to help clients, as well as Power Hour sessions to make sure clients were getting the most they can out of using Mailchimp.

Well I’m delighted to say that I am now officially Mailchimp certified and have my own badge to go with it…

Mailchimp Academy Foundations Certification

So whether you need heading creating a newsletter, managing your contact list, learning your way around segments, tags and groups, need help setting up a sequence, creating a landing page, want to set up an RSS feed or need help integrating with other apps – get in touch today.

Don’t forget I also do my Power Hour sessions on Mailchimp, as well as Mailchimp training.