executive virtual assistant essex I started my business whilst on maternity leave so to me I don’t know any differently.  My daughter has grown up around me working and I’ve learnt to adapt as she grows and develops.  It often comes as a surprise when others in business compliment me on how well I juggle the two.  So here are my tops tips on how to run your small business around a toddler.


Like anything else that comes with running a business, you need to plan.  Every weekend I make a plan for the week ahead.  I add in any pre booked calls and meetings, what work I have on and when it needs to be completed by, as well as any work I’m expecting to come in.  And then each night, I review and finalises my plans for the next day.  This means that when I am working the following day, I can hit the ground running by knowing what I need to do and what I need to achieve.

Make use of nap time

I am going to say it now but I am extremely lucky that my daughter has always, and still loves her sleep.  There are times when she will still throw a curve ball and only sleep for 45-60 minutes, as opposed to her usual 3 hours a day.  This is where the planning is so important.  As soon as she is off for a nap, I know exactly what I need to be doing and can crack on.  On the days that she then doesn’t sleep for long, I’ve still been productive instead of wasting time deciding what work I’m going to do.

Arts, crafts and independent play

At the time of writing this my daughter has just turned 2.  Independent play when she was younger didn’t really work.  But as she has got older, we started to introduce the idea.  At times she still wants mummy to be involved, but that’s the joys of being the boss.  I know that I can take that time out to play with her and can then catch up later on.  We have also introduced arts and crafts time.  We both sit up to the table, her with her crafty bits and me with my laptop.  She loves sitting up to the table with me and I’ve even been brave and let her do some painting while I worked!

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This is something I struggled with.  Sending my daughter to nursery was hard.  I juggle around her the rest of the week so did I really need to be taking her to nursery?  It didn’t help that she took a few months to settle in.  I honestly didn’t expect that when she is such a happy, confident and independent little girl.  And at one point I very nearly gave up trying.  But I was getting busy with work.  I was working every day, every night, every weekend.  I needed some breathing space so we persevered and she now loves it.  She gets to interacts with other children, do arts and crafts, reads books, plays in the garden and have a fantastic time.  She only goes 1.5 days a week but it is enough to give me a little flexibility to plan meetings and get a massive chunk of my work done each week.

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Now these are my tips for juggling your business around your toddler, but here are a few important things you need to remember!

Make time for fun

I do juggle around my daughter and often it feels like all I am doing is working and juggling.  BUT, I also make sure there is plenty of time each day where she has my undivided attention.  We cuddle, watch films, bake, play puzzles, do some crafts.  I also make sure, for both our sanities sake, that we get out the house too.  We try to do at least two classes during the week and have two afternoons out to go to soft play or the park every week.  Weekends are a whole different ball game!  It’s about getting the right balance.

Don’t forget about mum

I was too busy keeping everyone happy, making sure my daughter, the house, my business and my clients were taken care of.  But I forgot about me.  You are what makes everything tick and if you are worn out, stressed, overwhelmed or just fed up then it effects everything else.  This was the point I reached when I decided I needed some undistracted time and boundaries.  My daughter is now at nursery 1.5 days a week but I also set myself the boundaries.  I have two evenings and one full day off every week.  It’s amazing the difference taking time out can have on your energy, motivation and productivity.

Do you have any top tips for running a business around your children?  Why not share them in the comments box below.


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