ea helpDeciding when is the best time to outsource can be difficult.  When we are super busy and desperate for some support, we don’t have the time to spend sorting through what we can pass on and giving some initial guidance on what needs doing.  But when things are ticking over smoothly and we have loads of time to spare, we don’t think about outsourcing because we are keeping up with demand and don’t need the support. 

So when is the best time to start?

If you are looking to grow your business or wanting to dedicate some time to work on your business development, or even taking some time out to do the things you love, this is the perfect opportunity to look into outsourcing.  Even if it starts off with a few small tasks and builds up.  You will initially use this “free” time to hand the work over and after that, this will be your time to start focussing your attention elsewhere.

Leaving it too late

If you leave the decision too late to start outsourcing, it can be very difficult to find the time to dedicate to finding the right virtual assistant, deciding what you are going to outsource, but also having the time to do the handover.

I have a couple of clients I’m working with at the moment who outsource some small-ish tasks with the plan that when things “quieten down” they will have some time to look at what else they can pass over.  However, both have now got themselves into a situation where they are completely overwhelmed and cannot keep up with their day to day tasks.

My advice, even if you aren’t in a position wanting to grow your business or take the time out now, start dipping your toe in and doing some research.  When the time comes, what do you want to outsource?  Do you know of a suitable virtual assistant that can help?  How much time would you ideally like to free up?  Start looking at this now and when the time comes you are prepared and ready before the stress and overwhelm kicks in.

ea help

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