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As a small business, it can become easy to get caught up in the number of contacts on your list.  The idea that the bigger the list, the more likely you are to get a sale amongst the thousands of subscribers.

But actually, businesses should be striving towards building engagement with their followers and contacts.  What’s the point in having thousands of people on your list, but only 8% of them are opening your emails?  And that’s without looking at your click rates and sales 🙈

So instead of focusing on the bigger number of how many people you can get on your list, work on your engagement.

Start by doing a list clean up and get rid of any hard bounces.  You can’t do anything with them once they’ve bounced so get rid of them.  

Now look at what you’re sending out.  If it’s sales email after sales email, STOP!  Who wants to receive a pushy sales email over and over again.  You need to start building a relationship with them first so trying to engage them with their pain points, the challenges they are facing, connecting with them on where they’re at before then introducing the picture of where they could be. 

Talk about how you can help that.  What do you do that could solve their problem?  What results can they expect to see from working with or buying from you?  Who else have you helped?  Share experiences of existing clients, the results they’ve seen, how you’ve helped them, how you’ve made them feel.  Where are they now?

But also share bits of information for free as a taster.  Give them a quick fix win that will leave them wanting more.  Leading them into your main offering.

Share things that they’ll like.  That will help them.  Add value!

Of course the goal is to get them to sign up or buy something from you, but you need to show them why first.

An engaged list will statistically have a better conversion rates over a massive list with thousands of followers.

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