Free email challenges are popping up everywhere across social media.  And there’s a good reason for it.  Running a free challenge on a hot topic your audience will love is a great way to grow your email list quickly.

If you’re not familiar on the concept of running a free email challenge, here’s the lowdown…

An email challenge is typically free and run over a short period of time, where participants are sent a small daily task to complete.  The idea of the challenge is to build up to solving a problem or issue they are having.  By helping them towards solving this particular problem, you are demonstrating your expertise in this particular field, but also building a relationship with your participants and adding value.  At the end of the challenge you then encourage them to buy something from you or sign up to something you offer.

Buy why do they work so well to grow your audience?

People love a freebie and if its something that can help them with a particular problem, they will be all over it.  Just asking them to sign up to your newsletter is boring.  By getting them involved, solving a problem for them, they will be an engaged subscriber and will want to find out more.

Here’s a great example…

I recently joined a 5 day LinkedIn Sprint with Helen Pritchard.  She runs this 5 day challenge once a quarter.  For this intake that I joined, she had over 2000 participants, all of which were engaged and motivated to get involved and achieve results.

For 5 days we received daily notifications with details of the task we needed to complete for that day.  Each task was small, but achievable, making it easy to stick to and more likely to see results.

As the challenge went on, participants started sharing their success stories – free marketing!  They were noticing a difference just by making a few small changes.

At the end of the challenge there was an invite to sign up for Helen’s Mastermind group.  And of course, after seeing the amazing results, many participants signed up there and then.

(PS if you are looking to build on your LinkedIn presence, I would highly recommend joining Helen’s free challenge)

Now if you would like to run a free email challenge but have no idea where to start, keep your eyes peeled for my next blog where I share my insights and knowledge into how to create and run a free challenge.  But, until then, if you’re interested in running your own free challenge but would like some support in getting it off the ground, then why not get in touch.  This is one of my favourite services so I would be more than happy to have a chat through how I could help.  Email me now at, click here to send me a message or to book your free consultation now.