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I quite regularly collaborate with other VAs on client work when either I need their support, or they need mine.

Very recently I collaborated on a Mailchimp project where the client needed a 5 email nurture sequence creating and linking to their Calendly account.  The lead VA reached out to me for support but initially I turned the project down because the rate she was offering was too low for me.  However, she agreed to increase the rate and commented that I’d probably complete it quicker anyway with being one of my speciality areas. 

The brief was a little uncertain to start with as I needed to investigate a couple of things first so we agreed to work on an hourly basis and I’d keep her updated.

I set it all up, recorded videos to help the lead VA with managing anything going forward and also did a call to explain a couple of bits too.

When the lead VA received my invoice through, she was surprised.



Not because I was more expensive than other VAs but because she was expecting it to take me 5-10 hours to set it all up and I did it in 2.5 hours…

On first look I appeared the more expensive option for what I was charging.  However, because of my experience, my knowledge of Mailchimp, knowing exactly what I needed to set up, how I needed to get it all working together, knowing all the little short cuts and the best way of doing things, I ended up being the ‘cheaper’ but better option.


Hiring someone because they appear to be cheaper doesn’t always pay off. 

I do charge more than the ‘average’ VA, but that’s because I’m not an ‘average’ VA.  I charge a premium because you’re not only getting my time to do the task, but you’re also getting all of the time and knowledge that I’ve spent accumulating over the years.  You’re paying for my logical brain that looks at a problem and finds the solution.  My think outside the box attitude.

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