Think email marketing is dead?

Think again.

Email marketing is still popular and one of the best ways for building deeper and more meaningful relationships with potential customers and clients.  Statista predicts that within 2019, nearly 300 billion emails will be sent and received, increasing on 281 billion in 2018.  And with the average open rate of 21.09% (source Mailchimp, based on all non-labelled accounts), that’s a large number of potential clients sitting there waiting to hear from you.

Whether you’re brand new to email marketing or someone who doesn’t yet see the benefits, here are 6 reasons why you should be using email marketing.

Your subscribers like what you do

To put it simply, if someone has subscribed to your mailing list, it’s because they like what you do.  I mean why else would they have given you their details?  Now is the chance to truly show them what you can offer, why you’re different from the competition and how you can help them by sharing insights, adding value and building that relationship.

The list is your own

Social media is great for engaging with your audience.  However, the likes of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn etc etc all have their own algorithms and rules about who sees what and when, what you can and can’t post.  The algorithms will choose when and who will see your content.  You don’t have control.  But with your mailing list, you pick who you want to send it to, when you send it and what you want to write about.  Unless you start spamming people, there aren’t really any restrictions to stop you from communicating with your audience.

Email is essential to everyday life

Here’s something to consider; social media wouldn’t exist without the use of email.  How else would you sign up for a social media account?  But where else do you use your email address to log into?  Me, my online food shopping, Google Home, paying my childcare provider, viewing my gas, electric and water usage.  The list is endless and without email, it wouldn’t be possible.

It’s customisable

Want to send an essay style email?  If it’s engaging, why not.  There’s no restriction on number of characters or what you can/can’t say.  Want to change the font size, style and colour?  Go ahead.  You can totally customise the look of your emails, allowing you to deliver a clear and consistent branded message.

It’s the easiest way to stay in touch

Back to the world of algorithms again, your emails go straight to the inbox of your audience.  There’s no really guessing game as to how many people are going to see it, whether you’ve been posting enough content to have a good presence, or any of the stress that comes with social media management.  You decide when you want to send your emails out and who they are going to.  It’s the easiest way to share important updates and information.

Email stats

Once you’ve sent a campaign, you will have a clear, defined list of who opened, how many times, what they clicked on, giving you a better idea of what your audience wants to see and when.  This can then help with your targeting by looking at what people clicked on (what they liked), what time they opened (the best time to send), allowing you to tailor the emails a little more to what people want to see.

And here’s a little bonus…

Not sure what to use email marketing for?  Here are my top ten ideas to help you build and engage with your audience:

  • Sending regularly newsletters
  • Sharing customer updates, news and offers
  • Ecommerce notifications and updates
  • Running free or paid challenges/workshops
  • Delivering your lead magnet
  • For launching products
  • Sharing your latest blog, vlog or podcast
  • Showcasing your social proof
  • To share hints and tips to make your customers life a bit easier
  • And of course, selling your products and/or services

Interested in getting started with email marketing?  Or do you have an account you’re not making use of?  Why not get in touch and find out how I could help you to grow your email list.  Book a call now here or email to find out more.