The majority of small business owners I have spoken to about GDPR are concerned about the impact it will have on marketing their small businesses. Their biggest concern is losing subscribers from their mailing lists if they ask their subscribers to refresh their consent.  But here is why regaining consent is actually a good thing for your mailing list.

You’re talking to the people that want to hear from you

The people who opt back in are the people that want to hear from you. And this is a very good thing.  These are the people that love what you do and want to know more.  They are more likely to open your emails which in turn will improve your open and click rates.

You can tailor your content

Along the way you may have forgotten who your ideal customer is and what they like.  Now is your chance to revisit who they are and what they like.  Invest some time looking and thinking about the content you’re putting out.  Will they love it and want to engage or buy?  But having a smaller list will allow you to tailor it more.  What’s more, you can break your list down into groups and segments, allowing you to tailor your content to what they want to be seeing.

You can nurture your list

You may have lost the crowd but the people left on your list are the ones to nurture.  These are the people that want to know more.  They have opted in because they love what you do.  It’s your chance to educate them about what you do, build their awareness of your services or products, and build trust, making it more likely they will choose you when it is time to buy.

You will see an increase in sales

Ultimately talking to the people who want to hear from you, tailoring your content and nurturing them through will lead to an increase in sales.  And at the end of the day that’s why we are in business.

You will be compliant

Above everything else, your business will be compliant by gaining positive consent.  Asking permission is not only a legal requirement but an ethical one.  Do you really want to be sending something to someone who doesn’t want to hear from you?

If you would like to talk more about getting your list ready for GDPR or how to update and manage your mailing list, why not get in touch.  I can help you with refreshing consent, enabling GDPR opt in and creating emails that your prospects will love.  Arrange a call now by emailing or call 07538 715537.